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Ankur Patel

Group Chairman

About Ankur Patel

He is an Avid Entrepreneur who has made his 17 Years of Successful forays into various Business domains including Education and Finance. He Owns BULLBELL ACADEMY and WONGA FINANCING BROKER. His Overachieving missions to inspire individuals about the intricacies of Forex trading through BullBell Academy, where he and his team empower traders to navigate the Financial Markets with unwavering confidence.

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Ankur Patel's tenure as a Group Chairman has been marked by consistent, exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to success. His illustrious career has been adorned with a series of remarkable achievements and well-deserved recognitions as well. Beyond finance and education, Ankur's business ventures continue to expand. His enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities and his constant quest to make a positive impact in various industries are truly inspiring.

Ankur Patel's Business portfolio extends to include the following investments:

Bull Bell Institute Professional Training L.L.C

Bullbell, with its roots extending over ten years, has become synonymous with excellence in trading education. The knowledge accrued over the past decade positions Bullbell as a leader in providing comprehensive and insightful educational services.
KHDA Certification:
One of Bullbell’s distinctive features is its certification by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). This recognition signifies not only the quality of education but also the commitment to maintaining high standards in the field of trading education.
Global Reach of Bullbell:
Bullbell’s impact extends globally, from its origins in India to Dubai and now reaching the United States. This global reach brings a diverse perspective to our educational services, enriching the learning experience for Wonga’s clients.
Wonga Financing Broker is a forward-thinking fund management company committed to reshaping the landscape of financial services. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, strategic collaborations, and client empowerment, we bring a new dimension to the way funds are managed and investments are approached.Wonga Financing Broker marked a significant milestone by obtaining its license as a fund manager in Abu Dhabi. This achievement serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance in the dynamic world of finance.
Wonga as Its name and values for the Investors committed for create Wealth and Opportunities in World of Financial Market , such as Trading and Assets Management.

Wonga Financing Broker

Suvas Barot

Founder & MD of 13PLUS Company

About Suvas Barot

Suvas Barot is an esteemed investor with a comprehensive understanding of various sectors in finance and a proven track record in identifying profitable investment opportunities. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep knowledge of global markets, Suvas has established himself as a sought-after partner for financial institutions. Suvas's investment philosophy is grounded in his unwavering belief in the potential of new and emerging ventures. He actively seeks out startups that possess unique value propositions and groundbreaking technologies

Suvas Barot's investment portfolio extends to include the following notable investments:

13 PLUS company is A venture capital firm supported by astute asset-oriented investors recognized for their adeptness in generating substantial wealth. The number 13 represents concentration, practicality, and a solid basis for the future. Despite its inventiveness, it pursues its objectives pragmatically and independently, seeking practical answers and making decisions on its own. It embodies characteristics such as ambition, tenacity, and persistence, and it frequently gains support for its goals.

13 Plus

Recognizing the immense potential of sustainable transportation, Suvas made a strategic investment in Svitch Bikes. He firmly believed in the company's vision to provide accessible and eco-friendly electric bikes, which aligns with his commitment to promoting sustainable mobility solutions. Suvas's financial support has played a crucial role in enabling Svitch Bikes to deliver innovative and environmentally conscious transportation options to the masses.
Drawing upon his deep understanding of the hospitality industry, Suvas identified tremendous potential in Infocity Clubs & Resorts and decided to invest. By providing financial backing and guidance, Suvas contributed to the growth and expansion of this prominent establishment. His support allowed Infocity Clubs & Resorts to offer world-class accommodations and state-of-the-art venues for mass gatherings, establishing itself as a premier destination in the leisure and entertainment sector.
Recognizing the enduring value of real estate development, Suvas made a strategic investment in Suhan Reality. This forward-thinking company focuses on simplifying the process of land acquisition and delivering high-quality construction projects. With Suvas's financial backing and strategic insights, Suhan Reality has experienced significant growth, ensuring that customers receive exceptional real estate solutions without compromising on quality.
Suvas's investment in Perfetto Packaging showcases his understanding of the increasing demand for durable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. By supporting Perfetto Packaging, he recognized the company's commitment to developing polypropylene woven bags and sacks that are resilient in all weather conditions while providing superior protection. Suvas's belief in the company's mission has solidified Perfetto Packaging's position as a leading player in the industry.